Annapolis Valley Photographer Photography in Greenwood Nova Scotia
The Company

Daedalus Photography is the newest addition to Daedalus Designs. Jennifer and Andrew are the wife/husband photo team in Greenwood, NS, offering specialized photography. She has the artistic eye and he has the technical know-how. Together they produce stunning photographs in a few select niches.

The Inspiration

Daedalus is a craftsman and artisan from Greek mythology. He is best known for designing the labyrinth of Crete, which was home to a Minotaur, and as the father of Icarus. Daedalus created two pair of wax wings that he and Icarus had planned to use to fly from Crete. Unlike Icarus, Daedalus was much more cautious with his wings and successfully fled the island.

Daedalus eventually became a term to mean ‘clever worker’.

The Photography

By choosing only a few niches we can focus our attention and produce outstanding images. We work hard to create a discernible style so that each client knows the quality they will receive.