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What our clients say

Andrew and I met for several weeks, shooting skateboard photos in the mornings starting at 6 am and finishing at 9 am. He is highly motivated and eager to learn anything that’s an addition to his current professional skill sets. In regards to flashes, natural light, time of day and unique angles he’s continually striving to capture that perfect moment. In regards to shooting skateboard photos Andrew’s timing has developed to near perfection.

I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is seeking professional quality work.

In addition to creating professional quality photo’s he brings new ideas to the table including promotion, marketing and development. If needed he can provide a unique perspective and offer suggestions on how to improve an already established idea.

Tom W.

Tom W.

Leading up to my photoshoot with Andrew and Jen I had major anxiety. I never enjoyed having my picture taken and didn’t typically like the results either.

I had been told by many people that I had nothing to worry about, that both Andrew and Jen were amazing and I wouldn’t have to think about how to stand, move or pose because they would show me. Even still I was apprehensive at first, which as I saw in some of the first few shots was apparent.

However soon thanks to Andrew and Jen I was relaxed, laughing and enjoying myself. I am beyond satisfied with the resulting photographs and would recommend these two to anyone!

Becca M.

Becca M.