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What our clients say

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Jen and Andrew made the experience, comfortable, fun, and super easy! They were with me every step of the way! From the planning to the shopping to the final result! Woking with them was amazing! Highly recommend! We will be back in the future! Thank you again my wife loved the boudoir photos we did for her! An awesome experience overall! Happy valentines day! Xo

Jody B.-C.

Jody B.-C.

As someone who is no stranger to performing and photography, I didn’t expect to need much in the way of direction, but both Jen and Andrew’s recommendations were respectful, well-communicated, and very helpful. Their direction was a two-way street, allowing me to ensure that I was always comfortable and able to make suggestions of my own.

Our shoot was outdoors and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the addition of flashes, but when I saw my proofs the benefits were evident. A unique aesthetic.

Ben M.

Ben M.