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What our clients say

Andrew and Jennifer at Daedalus Photography were amazing to work with. Jennifer was extremely helpful in showing me how to pose in front of the camera, as well as facial expression. Both were very professional and very good as making me feel at ease, and very patient and understanding when it came to my lack of experience. They had my hair and make-up done in a way I never would have tried on my own, and the result was stunning! Andrew has a great eye for lighting and the images were very flattering and uniquely done, as well as extremely classy and tasteful. He responded to my messages very quickly and had final images back to me very fast.

Christine G.

Christine G.

Andrew and I met for several weeks, shooting skateboard photos in the mornings starting at 6 am and finishing at 9 am. He is highly motivated and eager to learn anything that’s an addition to his current professional skill sets. In regards to flashes, natural light, time of day and unique angles he’s continually striving to capture that perfect moment. In regards to shooting skateboard photos Andrew’s timing has developed to near perfection.

I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is seeking professional quality work.

In addition to creating professional quality photo’s he brings new ideas to the table including promotion, marketing and development. If needed he can provide a unique perspective and offer suggestions on how to improve an already established idea.

Tom W.

Tom W.